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Resource Links

Action Alert: Disease-bearing Mosquitoes!
(California Department of Public Health):

Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey Program Resources (USDA/APHIS):

  • Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey (CAPS) The Pest Detection program supports APHIS’ goal of safeguarding U.S. agricultural and environmental resources by ensuring that new introductions of harmful plant pests and diseases are detected as soon as possible, before they have a chance to cause significant damage.
  • Pest Tracker - Public - This website publishes survey maps for pests of agricultural and forest commodities and provides links to pest news and information.

National Data/Info Sharing:

  • CPHST - The Center for Plant Health Science and Technology (CPHST) is the scientific support division for Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ).

Stop the Spread of Invasive Species:

  • Buy It Where You Burn It - Transporting firewood can move pests to new locations -
    California Firewood Task Force
  • Don't Move Firewood - Moving Firewood Spreads Pests
  • Hungry Pests - They're Here and They're Hungry!
  • Save Our Citrus - America's Citrus is at Risk
  • 100th Meridian Initiative - The 100th Meridian Initiative is a cooperative effort between local, state, provincial, regional and federal agencies to prevent the westward spread of zebra/quagga mussels and other aquatic nuisance species in North America.

Impacts of Invasive Species:

National Invasive Species Sites:

State Invasive Species Sites:

  • California Invasive Plant Council - Cal-IPC's mission is to protect California's lands and waters from ecologically-damaging invasive plants through science, education and policy. The Cal-IPC works closely with agencies, industry and other nonprofit organizations to support research, restoration work, and public education.
  • The Battle Against Invasive Pests and Diseases - One of the primary mandates of the California Department of Food and Agriculture is to "Protect against invasion of exotic pests and diseases" - CDFA
  • The Center for Invasive Species Research - The Center for Invasive Species Research based on the University of California Riverside Campus provides a forward-looking approach to managing invasions in California by exotic pests and diseases.
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