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Steve Schoenig

Board Member
California Invasive Plant Council
Sacramento, CA


Steve Schoenig represents the California Invasive Plant Council (Cal-IPC) Board of Directors which he rejoined in 2015. He previously served on the board from 1999-2007, including a term as president in 2004 & 2005.

Steve retired from full-time state service and now works part-time for the Integrated Pest Control Branch in the California Department of Food and Agriculture. Prior to retirement, he spent seven years as Branch Chief of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife's Natural Heritage Program (CA Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB), Vegetation Mapping Program, Conservation Analysis Unit). Before that, he worked for 18 years for California Department of Food and Agriculture, first in the Biocontrol Program and then leading CDFA's Noxious Weed Eradication Program and creating the Weed Management Area Program.

He holds degrees in Resource Management, Entomology and Biostatistics from UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Steve grew up in eastern Los Angeles County amongst the vanishing lemon and orange groves of the San Gabriel valley foothills.

Conflict of Interest Statement

I have no personal financial interest in any actions that CISAC is likely to consider.


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